Wojtek Rygielski
Nature Photographer.

While I am a Software Engineer by profession, my passion has always been photography. I also love visiting remote places, cooking over campfires, admiring the wildlife, and meeting like-minded people.

Best way to follow my work?

If you’d like to see more of my work regularly, I would be grateful if you followed me on social media! The more people engage with my posts, the more it helps my brand grow.

If you’d like to see only my best work, check out my Twitter and Instagram. I’m new to these platforms, and I don’t post much there, but I intend to share my best work there.

If you’d like to see more, then take a look at my Facebook profile too. I announce and document most of my travel ideas there. Most of my Facebook friends are Polish, so I will mostly write in Polish there. However, this should not discourage you! I welcome followers of any language.

To see my social accounts, use the icons below.

Interested in a print?

Some people expressed interest in having some of my photography on their walls. It makes me very proud!

I have recently partnered with an online print-on-demand artwork site. I might also be able to provide you with hi-res files.