An arctic fox sunbathing

An arctic fox sunbathing
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An arctic fox sunbathing
I captured it on the outskirts of Barentsburg, Svalbard. There were four or five of these little cubs, all playing in the vicinity. There were no parents in sight. Finally, one of them stopped running around and rested in the sun for a couple of seconds. It took a good couple of hours of sneaking and waiting to take this shot!

The sun does not set in the summer there - I took this photo close to midnight!


  1. When I saw this miraculous photo on TV in the sleep mode, I immediately feel in love😍, because it gives me peaceful vibes. When I’m sunbathe I look exactly like the cute little fox.🦊 It will forever remind me of summer and its warm days☀️🥰

  2. This is such a beautiful photo! I saw it on my chrome cast, and it brought me such a sense of peace. I quickly took a picture of the artist name and immediately set out to find the source. This picture is now my wallpaper, and I plan to order a print of it when I can afford it so I can support you as an artist! ❤️

  3. This photo made me cry because I constantly wonder what this fox is doing at the moment. He looked so happy in the picture. 🙁

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