A selection of my photos

As you might imagine, I’m taking a lot of photos. And, of course, not all of them are truly worth watching. Deciding which of them are is a difficult task! (And every friend I asked would have picked different ones to share here!)

Selected for Chromecast

This album is small, but it also contains my perhaps most widely known work, thanks to its publication in Google Chromecast. I’m very proud of this recognition, and I hope this selection can grow in time.


Probably the majority of my photos falls into this category. I like traveling to remote places. I like sleeping on mountaintops. Following these passions often allows me to capture some unique views.


I love taking photos of wildlife. This kind of photography requires organizing a unique sort of trip. And most of my friends have limited patience with me sitting for hours in a bush. If you’re also a photographer with a similar interests, perhaps you would like to team up?


  1. Hi! I saw your baby fox photo on Chromecast, and had to look you up. I absolutely LOVE all the photos on your site. Fantastic work, please never stop!!

  2. My daughter and I saw the photo with the orange, purple and white looking “cloud formations over the forest and we were so intrigued and captivated by the beauty of it. We wondered if it was smoke or fog or snow, maybe? Will you please tell us a little more about this photograph? Thank you!

  3. My daughter and I saw your work on Comcast. We were particularly intrigued and captivated by the beauty of the purple, orange and white “cloud formations” over the forest. We wonder if it is fog, smoke or maybe snow? Will you please provide a little information about that photograph? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Ursula! Thank you for your comment! It’s a layer of fog, but it was indeed a very weirdly behaving fog! It’s orange on one side, because the sun was shining there (while most of the other parts were in the shadow). You might also want to take a look at the caption below the photo on this page: https://rygielski.net/278/

  4. I’m here from Chromecast as well 😂 Then I sent you a tweet and now I’m here. Anywho, I came here because of the wolf. I loved the leaf covered bridge. Also the cow! Aww. And the frosted trees made me homesick. Quite an an emotional rollercoaster I’ve just endured. It was a great ride.

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