Autumn treetops in the mist

Autumn treetops in the mist
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Autumn treetops in the mist

I snapped this shot in Sarek National Park, Sweden. It was a very early morning, perhaps half an hour after sunrise. And what a sunrise it was! That's only one of many photos I took this morning.

Despite appearances, that's not a drone photo. We slept at the top of the mountain this night. It was certainly worth it!


  1. Thankyou from my whole self for your photo of the arctic fox cub looking into the sun
    He or she is me !! What a beautiful image it really is outstanding
    I ordered it through you red bubble and had it framed. It is my treasured artwork
    Thank you so very much, Lynn

  2. You have a great eye for photography. Thank you for capturing this to share.

  3. Piękne, jestem Pana wielką fanką! Bardzo podoba mi się na google zdjęcie z liskiem , a może to wilczek, ale go tu nie widzę.

  4. Like everyone else, I also saw this on Chromecast. I’m glad they credit the photographer’s name on many of the images now!

    I’m curious what sort of kit you use… I’m also curious how you got in touch with Google; was there a submission process, or did they discover you and reach out?

    1. Hi Nathan! For this photo I used Canon EOS 70D with EF70-300 f/4-5.6 lens. My photos got to Chromecast via an internal contest for Google employees (I currently work at Google as a software engineer). So there was a lot of luck involved. There are lots of great photographers much more talented than me, who couldn’t compete in it. Chromecast also features photos from other sources (photographers outside of Google), but I do not know how such photos get selected.

      1. As a micro four thirds user, I’m glad to see you can take world class photos without spending thousands on the latest and greatest full frame or medium format gear. Just goes to show the photographer matters more than the equipment!

  5. Saw this photo on Chromecast and had to look it up, beautifully captured moment

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