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My old travel website

This is the old version of my website. You can find a lot of my photos there, however:

  • It is very outdated. Most of the photos posted there were taken before 2015, and I have last updated it in 2017.
  • It was intended to be a travel blog, not a portfolio. Its contents might still be useful for people planning to travel to places I have been to, or for people who traveled with me in the past 🙂
  • All the content is in Polish. (You can use Google Chrome’s translating features to read it.)



That’s a Polish clone of the Wordle game. It has slightly different rules though, as the game actively plays against the player (it constantly shifts the answer to make the game as long as possible).

I have wrote a few of various simple games in the past, but this one is the only one I ever actually released to the public.