Flowing mist

Flowing mist
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Flowing mist

I often get asked what's in this shot and how I took it. It's a layer of fog, very slowly flowing up from the river valley. It's not a long exposure. It's just a unique and rare atmospheric effect. And yes, seeing it with my own eyes was truly stunning!

Taken in Sarek National Park, Sweden.


  1. I never cared to search for the photographer from Chromecast until I have seen this photo “flowing mist”, It made me want to paint from it, and hang it on the wall at home. Thank you!

  2. I saw this on Google Chrome today. Its absolutely stunning 😍 ✨️. This is one precious moment in nature. Hats off to this 👏 🙌.

  3. Hej! What a beautiful picture. I had never guessed that this was taken in Sweden, and then it’s even from one of my most precious places. May I ask, where exactly it is taken and from which mountain top?

    Best regards, Björn

    1. Thanks! We started our hike in Norway, and walked east for 11 days. This photo was taken near Skierfe. It’s much easier to get to Skierfe from Kvikkjokk, but our route was awesome, because it was almost completely empty! Before reaching Skierfe, we met perhaps 3 people. The top of Skierfe was also empty when we slept there, but I know it’s not always the case – during weekends a lot of people reach it from Kungsleden.

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