1. Hi Wojteck! This is George from Denver Colorado USA. This is one of many of your photos that have popped up on my Google Chrome and they are really beautiful. I’m an Electrical and Computer Engineer and I also like to develop software. When I was really young, I started to develop B&W photos and later on, in color. The science and chemistry involved in the process was always fascinating to me. I also took pictures of anything and anybody in my world. Photography has always been one of my many passions. It was remarkable for me to see the transition from chemical to digital photography. And when the drones came along, photography and video was possible from a perspective never possible before for me and most people. Thank you for showcasing your art and great talent on this website and on Google Chrome!

  2. Iā€™m mesmerized by your incredible photos.. blown away even more that I looked you up .. you are soooo talented!!

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