1. I too want to sit under that tree! Amazing photograph. This mountain range is brand new to me. I google Google photos often enough, but I have never commented. Thank you.

  2. Cześć Wojtek.
    Every single photo taken by you is amazing! Keep up the good work.

      1. Bardzo proszę. Gdzie tylko mogę szukam Twoich zdjęć. Chyba zrobię sobie taki album ze zdjęciami Twojego autorstwa😅 Trzymam kciuki za Twoją karierę i cieszę się, gdy jest o Tobie głośno, bo masz na prawdę wielki talent.

  3. Wow! I just saw this photo appear on my TV and I was instantly captivated by it. What a gorgeous photo! I have an empty space on my living room wall, I would love to hang this one up if you are selling prints.

    Beautiful work, you really have an eye for capturing incredible shots.

  4. Congtratulations! This is a beautiful photo.
    Love it, especially the colors combination. It
    is amazing and will match my dining area.
    Excellent! I would love to own a copy of
    this “Lonely Trees in the Mountains “ What are the
    sizes of the small and medium size prints. I live in Florida, USA. How much is the smal and medium size
    Prints and shipping charges.
    Thank you

  5. This is such a beautiful photo, I couldn’t picture where in the world it would be, I guessed the east coast of the USA in the appellation Mountains, That was way off!

  6. Weirdly enough, this rolled across my TV and I wanted to find you and ask where this was taken. I’m an American nature photographer, mostly in the Appalachian Mountains, and I would love to go there one day and take a photo.

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